M&N Graphics first opened in April 2000 as a graphic reproduction company working alongside Odyssey Print Solutions.
This allowed M&N Graphics to build a customer base and also service Odyssey Print Solutions
existing customers with artwork and pre-press solutions.

After 5 years M&N Graphics expanded by setting up a new offset company with founder Martin Jessop bringing on board his brother Brian to move into full in-house printing.

Over the next 3 years M&N Graphics grew their customer base at an exceptional rate allowing them to slowly expand their business.
With the purchase of an oversized A2 colour press, this allowed M&N Graphics to move into the larger colour print run market.

In January 2010, M&N Graphics joined forces with Odyssey
Print Solutions, and moved premises back to the old site where M&N Graphics first began. It was the perfect time to make the acquisition with Odyssey Print Solutions and to join forces with a company that was also well established.

Since 2010 M&N Graphics have slowly as time rolled by
had an objective that as a whole should make sure that every asset of the print process was achieved in house, with out having to outsource any of their work.

We have achieved this result.
Everything we do from print to celloglazing all the way through to stitching and folding
and now with the purchase of a new Digital Press, nothing is outsourced.

2019: Purchase of our new 4 Colour Digital press that allows us to produce a sheet size up to 780mm wide

“We print for a living,
we also print because we love it”

M N Graphics